4th Global Constructive Journalism Conference

4th Global Constructive Journalism Conference

The time has come!

Tickets for the 4th Global Constructive Journalism Conference are now on sale. This year we invite you, together with innovative journalists from around the world, to join us in Bonn, Germany.

Our focus for the event is on Democratic Conversation. As polarization becomes the next pandemic, journalists need to “listen louder”. Listen to the audience asking us to provide truth and understanding. We must also listen to best practices of innovative journalists, rethinking the role of news reporting at a time of eroding trust in democracy, media, and politics.

For one day – June 22nd – we will share knowledge together with brilliant speakers and we will explore impactful ideas on how to make journalism more sustainable, meaningful, inspirational, nuanced, and engaging. The historic and modern LVR-Landesmuseum in Bonn will be the unique center for a day full of provocation of the status quo.

Come join us and be a part of the solution! Read more and get your seat here: https://constructiveinstitute.org/now-what/listen-louder/

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