Prijavite se na besplatan online kurs španskog jezika

Prijavite se na besplatan online kurs španskog jezika

This is a course for all lovers of curious Spanish culture and more curious language. The course will help you to learn the needed skills for feeling free while speaking in Spanish. Taking into account all the benefits suggests participating in this course.

About this course

Do you speak Spanish? You surely will do it after this course. This course will make a start in your Spanish learning process. It provides the elementary word stock, the rules for pronouncing words and sentences like a native speaker, the basic grammar rules for starting speaking Spanish without stammering. You will gain such important basic knowledge, that it will be easy to participate in everyday talks in Spanish.

The course will teach you to talk about yourself, your hobbies, your family and what is very vital to conjugate to be. The composer of this productive course is The UPValenciaX, which provides the best instructors for leading you during the whole course.

What you’ll learn

The participants of this course will learn the following;

  • Acquiring writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills.
  • Acquiring the proper vocabulary, grammar for taking part in everyday talks.
  • Learning many vital topics such as my day, my hobby, etc.
  • Becoming proficient in fundamental grammar rules.

Join the course

By joining the course, the participants will gain the needed knowledge for elementary Spanish communication. The duration of the course is 7 weeks. You are not obliged to complete the assignments within given deadlines, you should do whether it is more comfortable for your routine. You need to spend from 4 to 5 hours weekly to complete the course tasks. The level of this free course is beginner, the language is English, and the video transcript is both English and Spanish.

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