Digital Futures Seminar

Digital Futures Seminar

Seminar / 4-6 April 2022 | online , Ireland

The importance of Digital Youth Work has grown and changed as a result of COVID-19. Working online has become an essential part of our practice. Have youth organisations truly embedded digital youth work into the strategies and visions of their work?

This online seminar aims to discuss the current context of digital youth work following COVID-19 and examine the new landscape of implementing digital youth work with young people.

The event will focus on the digitalisation of the youth work sector and youth work practice, and the challenges and opportunities for the youth work sector.

Special features of this course:

  • Interactive, diverse and engaging online sharing and learning experience with those delivering and managing youth work
  • A platform for exploring and confirming digital youth work practice
  • A chance to contribute and share tools, methods and/or experiences of digital practice
  • A networking opportunity to meet and connect with youth workers sharing similar professional interests

What can you expect from this seminar (objectives):

  • To develop a greater understanding of digital youth work practises and approaches
  • Have the opportunity to explore and exchange digital youth work methodologies and tools
  • A foundation for the future development of Digital Youth Work
  • Improving and promoting youth worker and organisational Digital Resilience
  • Space to identifying opportunities for embedding Digital Youth Work policy and practice

Expected Outcomes:

  • Confirming Digital Youth Work and it’s role in our practice.
  • Organisational Transformation – how to integrate digital youth work into your organisation structure
  • Sustainability of digital youth work practice in youth work
  • Share Good Practice and Tools
  • Online Seminar programme

The online seminar programme is designed to facilitate sharing, be participatory and to build a platform for embedding Digital Youth Work in our practice and service delivery.

The team of facilitators Sandra Gojić, Buzz Bury and Nerijus Kriauciunas will guide you through 5 online sessions over three days.

4th April 2022 (Monday) 10.00 – 12.00 (Dublin Time) and 13.00 – 15.00 (Dublin Time)

5th April 2022 (Tuesday) 10.00 – 12.00 (Dublin Time) and 13.00 – 15.00 (Dublin Time)

6th April 2022 (Wednesday) 13.00 – 15.00 (Dublin Time)

Participants will be expected to participate in all the sessions. It is advised to mark these dates and times to your calendar agenda when applying.

Participants may also be asked to prepare before the seminar and also realise some small tasks between the sessions.

Expected profile of participants:

The seminar is designed for a broad range of practitioners:

  • professionals implementing and developing youth work and non-formal education
  • Managers of youth work organisations
  • other qualified personnel implementing and developing work directed at young people
  • youth work trainers and teacher
  • Youth leaders and volunteers working with young people
  • Those interested in developing and embedding digital practice

You should be engaged in working with young people and/or be in a role of managing youth provision and youth policy implementation.

This seminar will be in English, without any possibility of permanent translation. Therefore, we require participants to have a good level of English (to be able to understand and to communicate).

Participants should be above 18 years old.

More infomation at: SALTO

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