Online Conference on Intercultural Mediation as a Tool for Youth Inclusion

Online Conference on Intercultural Mediation as a Tool for Youth Inclusion

E-learning / 26 January 2022 | Online via Zoom, Germany

This online conference on Intercultural Mediation as a Tool for Youth Inclusion addresses youth workers, trainers and young people who aim to support the inclusion of local and migrant youth.

This conference will take place on Wednesday, January 26th 2022 from 17:00 to 20:00 CET.

The working language will be English. This online conference will include brief presentations, group discussions and individual as well as group activities. The workshop will be implemented online via Zoom.

Registration via is required in order to ensure your participation.

Certification: After completing the Online Conference successfully, you are going to receive a Certification of Attendance and an Open Badge that recognises and validates your skills as a Youth Mediator.


During this free 3-hour online conference, the following topics will be covered:

  • Brief introduction to interculturality, intercultural mediation and intercultural conflict
  • Introduction to the concept of “PRIORITY Hubs”, i.e. community hubs providing youth inclusion environments
  • Getting access to a comprehensive set of online learning tools and methods as well as online courses specifically designed for self-directed learning.

Also, the best practices and results of the 3-year European project “PRIORITY – Promoting Open and Resilient Societies for Youth” are going to be presented which are the following:

  • A Guide on how to address the challenge of integration through cross-sectoral combination of voluntary and collaborative art-making, cross-cultural, youth and sport activities. The Methodology compiles a substantial and comprehensive collection of key resources that can be transferred and adapted in any contexts, within the long-term purpose of supporting the process of inclusion and counteracting the one of marginalisation and radicalisation.
  • PRIORITY Toolkit – Tools of Social Inclusion using visual and performing arts, intercultural mediation, civic education and sport activities to break social boundaries and facilitate the social inclusion of marginalised young people with migratory backgrounds.
  • Research Report and Analysis of Best Practices: a research study to identify, analyze and evaluate the existing best practices for promoting the integration of young people in a disadvantaged position and building the community in the fields of voluntary arts, culture, sports, and youth. It includes an analysis on the themes of marginalisation and radicalisation of young people with special focus on the newly arrived migrants.
  • The “How to PRIORITIZE eBook” addressed to youth, sports and cultural organizations, local authorities, schools and training centres. It has been designed as a step-by-step guide on building, operating and sustaining a community youth inclusive environment, namely the “PRIORITY” Hub.
  • PRIORITY elearning platform which includes two e-courses; the Young Mediator course, designed for young people willing to become young mediators and especially for those coming from disadvantaged groups and the PRIORITY Superhero course designed for educators, youth workers and cultural mediators that wish to learn about the prevention of marginalisation and radicalisation that leads to violent extremism and to know how to establish local and inclusive youth environments in their community.
  • PRIORITY App in order to follow the news of the project.

Participants will get access to and learn how to use all additional learning resources available on the e-learning platform and mobile app of the PRIORITY project, which will enable them to acquire deeper knowledge on the above-mentioned topics through self-directed learning at their own pace at any time.

More information at: SALTO

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