Open Call for 5 Participants for Youth Exchange in Pogradec, Albania

Open Call for 5 Participants for Youth Exchange in Pogradec, Albania

Name of the project: “Digital Green skills for Climate change adaption and mitigation strategies from youth”

Date of Project: 03.04.2022 – 10.04.2022.

Hosting organization: “Build Green Group”

Sending organizations: “BRAVO“

Place: Tushemisht, Pogradec, Albania

Participants age: + 18

The number of participants : 5

Working language: English

Deadline for applying: 11.03.2022
This project is financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Program. This publication reflects the view only of the author, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. By Erasmus+ rules organizers will cover travel costs, accommodation and food.

Participants profile:
We are keen on having young people who:

  • Are interested in learning more on climate change mitigation and adaptation, their strategies, indicators and digital tools.
  • Has some previous experience or are eager to learn
  • Are the age of 18 – 30 years old.
  • Have minimum an intermediate level of English.
  • Are active and have high motivation to project activities.
  • Can commit to stay for the whole duration of the project.
    have abilities willingness to conduct presentations and actively participate during the training.


Tushemisht is a settlemen located on the shores of Lake Ohrid. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Pogradec. The village is very close to the border with Republic of North Macedonia. More information follow the link:

Accommodation and food:

Food (breakfast, lunch, a coffee break and dinner), accommodation and travel expenses are all covered from the host organization. Participant will share rooms from other countries people. Room’s type will be for 2, 3 or 4 persons. Rooms will be arranged at the time of the arrival of the participants. Good access of Wi-Fi will be available at the lobby of the hotel or at the Youth Exchange/ conference room during the whole time.

More information about the venue you can find at:

All participants will receive Youth pass certificates if they obey the rules. Youth pass is a part of the European Commission’s strategy to foster the recognition of non-formal learning. It is available for projects funded by Erasmus+

What to bring:

  • Comfortable Closes that are suitable for outdoor activities as well as inside door activities. We expect good weather, temperature 5°C- 17°C, but before you pack cheek the weather forecast for Pogradec city ( Keep in mind that Pogradec can be windy especially in the evening.
  • Personal hygiene things that you may need.
  • Something local from your country that you are proud of and why not has also an environmental connection. Do you have some traditional food that we can taste during the intercultural night?
  • Note: Please tell as in advance if you will need kitchen tools (plates, glasses, spoons, cooking stoves, etc).
  • Please bring information to present your Organization (NGO) for the NGO fair session. Do not forget to bring materials about your organization (leaflets, posters, photos, videos… etc.) You can share your projects, best practices etc. Each country will have their respective time for presentation.

Travel cost for participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina – 180 EUR

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions entering in Albania

Every citizen entering Albania must meet at least one of these three conditions:

  • Have a Covid-19 vaccination passport, where at least two weeks have passed since the date of full vaccination.
  • Have performed a negative PCR test in the last 72 hours, or a rapid antigen test in the last 48 hours.
  • Have evidence of passing Sars-Cov2 infection, valid for up to 6 months after recovery (blood serological test).


From the airport, you can get to Hotel Pogradeci 2 for approximately 3 hours.

Hotel Pogradec 2 is in Tushemisht, Pogradec. Hotel Pogradeci 2 is 4.9 km from the centre of the Pogradec City.

How do I get to Tirana from the airport? Bus to Tirana

LU-NA sh.p.k offers the passenger transport service from TIA (Tirana International Airport) to Tirana and vice versa. The service fee for a road is 300.00 Albanian Lek or 2.46 Euro.

Service hours:

Tirana – TIA: every hour starting from 07:00 until 23:00

TIA – Tirana: every hour starting from 08:00 until 24:00

In case you need more information, please contact the numbers below E-mail:;

Mobile: +355 69 57 27 261 / +355 69 29 82 128

How do I get from Tirana to Pogradec? Buses Tirana to Pogradec:

You can find a bus From the center of Tirana to Pogradec in: Rruga: Arben Broci (Street: Arben Broci ) Behind the Stadium Air Albania, Square Mother Tereza

More info:

The buses to Pogradec have a timetable as follows:

PM: 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30

AM: 06:30, 08:30, 09:30

How do I get from Pogradec city to Tushemisht?

Tushemisht is 6.1km from Pogradec city centre. You can use local transportation means as small buses from Pogradec city to Tushemisht, or the host organization can get you from there, in accordance with your sending organization.

Note: From Kosovo and Macedonia, there are direct lines to Pogradec. Please check within your country the best way to reached Pogradec.


BRAVO – Application form

  1. Read carefully the project call
  2. Read carefully the project tasks and requests
  3. Check „participants profile“, maybe you are fitting perfectly
  4. Fill out the BRAVO Application Form by 11.03.2022.

Preuzeto sa: BRAVO

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