Prilika za studentsku praksu: Započnite karijeru u filmskoj industriji

Prilika za studentsku praksu: Započnite karijeru u filmskoj industriji

Rok prijave 02.02.2024

Ako ste strastveni prema filmovima i zainteresovani za najnovije trendove u filmskoj industriji, marketingu, finansijama, grafičkom dizajnu i ekonomiji, ova praksa je za vas.

DOKUDOM  (Koleks doo) Taskovski Films is a world sales and production company of award-winning fiction and documentary films (

Koleks doo is a sister company of Taskovski Films, a globally recognized production and sales company for award-winning documentary and fiction films (visit for more information). We are offering a unique internship opportunity where you can learn and work with our international team. If you're passionate about films and interested in the newest trends in the film industry, marketing, finance, graphic design, and economy, this internship is for you.

Taskovski Films main activities are:

  • Film sales and distribution
  • Marketing, consultancy and publicity services (PR)
  • International relations, cultural cooperation with different media companies

Practical information:

  • This is a part-time position, with regular weekly hours, giving you flexibility to balance your studies. (minimum 20 hours per week for a duration of 6 months)
  • You'll need your own laptop or desktop computer to participate in this exciting opportunity.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is a must, as you'll be working on a global scale to meet the demands of the international market.
  • In exchange for your voluntary work, you'll gain practical knowledge and skills that will set you up for future employment opportunities.
  • If you're in your fourth year of studies, you'll be given priority consideration for this internship.
  • And as if that's not enough, you'll also have the chance to participate in international panels and film screenings, gaining valuable educational and cultural experiences along the way.

We are seeking candidates who:

  • Are interested in films, marketing, film distribution, society, accounting, and financial business? If this sounds like you, we definitely want to hear from you!
  • Are hardworking, enthusiastic candidates who are motivated to learn and take on new challenges.
  • Have knowledge of social media, Microsoft Office, and Google applications as they are a must in today's digital world.
  • Having proficiency in WordPress, Indesign, Photoshop or Canva will give you a head start in this exciting opportunity.
  • Speak English Fluently.

What can you expect to learn and work on during this internship on your daily routine?

  • As an intern, you'll get hands-on experience with the daily activities of our film festival coordination team. This includes everything from research and applications, to correspondence and print/material coordination.
  • You'll also have the opportunity to work on preparing promotional materials and mail-outs for markets and festivals, as well as informing press and festival guests about our film screenings.
  • Another exciting aspect of the internship is viewing and evaluating films, and writing synopsis of the films.
  • You'll also have the chance to flex your creative muscles by creating visual solutions for various publications.
  • For students on Economy and business studies will gain valuable insight into creating financial reports and monthly statements.
  • Managing contracts with clients deal memos, license agreements, and other  company legal documents
  • As part of your role, you'll be responsible for collating film reviews and awards, and updating info from festivals for our promotional presentation material to buyers.
  • And perhaps most exciting of all, you'll get to know worldwide buyers and their needs, helping to position our films for maximum success in the market.

Now you must be questioning – is there any financial benefit which this internship program will offer me?

Well, yes – of course! After the testing and training period (whose duration will depend on your efficiency), if our values and interests align, you will get a chance to be paid for your work and most importantly, you will get a chance for full-time employment.

If you want to be considered for the internship please send your cover letter and CV by February 2nd 2024 to We are looking forward to receiving your application! 🙂

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