Tender Notece: People in Need

Tender Notece: People in Need

Rok prijave 10.10.2022

Contract title: Media Campaign for waste Management Project
Project code: BIHP000051
Tender number: BIHC000063
Procedure: Negotiated with publication
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina

Contracting Authority: Člověk v tísni, o.p.s. (People in Need, hereinafter PIN) entered in the Register of Non-profit Organizations administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Volume O, File 119
With its registered office at: Šafaříkova 635/24, 120 00 Prague 2
ID: 257 55 277
Local Office Address: Derviša Numića 2, 710 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Represented by Sanja Lepić based on the power of attorney granted by the director

Part 1: Instructions to tenderers


Qualified tender offers (bids) are sought from competent contractors registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the following services:
Planning, development and implementation of the Media Campaign for Waste Management Project in mainstream traditional and new social media, driving an integrated outreach across traditional and digital media channels including mobilizing influencers, media and corporate partners to build support, as described in detail in Annex 1 – Terms of Reference Media Campaign for WM Project.

The winning tenderer will be contracted separately for Y1: 2022 and Y2: 2023 of the Media campaign Implementation, based on the accepted budget.

The winning tenderer will be contracted for Y1 based on the proposed budget for Y1.

Contract for the Y2 will be signed with winning tenderer, based on the proposed budget for the Y2 and after donor budget approval for the year 2023.


Tender forms and instructions included in tender documentation must be strictly followed otherwise the tender offer might be excluded.

If any of the Tenderers requires any clarification relating to the tender, such question should be sent to PIN by e-mail to the following e-mail address: procurement.bih@peopleinneed.net. If PIN answers the question, all other Tenderers will be copied the answer. Communication will be held through e-mail.
To ensure that PIN could copy the answer to all tenderers, all Tenderers are advised to send their e-mail contacts to the above specified PIN e-mail address, or otherwise ensure that PIN knows their contact details.
In case the Tenderer does not inform PIN about corresponding e-mail address PIN will send the copy of the answer to any e-mail address available to PIN from public sources and then the Tenderer cannot claim that they/it did not know the same information as other Tenderers.
Questions could be answered only until Wednesday, 5th of October 2022. PIN does not guarantee that all questions will be answered.
Tender offers should not be dispatched before expiry of the period for questions under the preceding point II. 2. of this notice – if the Tenderer dispatches the tender offer before expiry of that period they/it cannot claim that they/it did not know all information as other Tenderers.

Each Tenderer shall submit only one Tender offer, either individually or as a partner in a joint venture. A Tenderer who submits or participates in more than one Tender offer will be disqualified from the Tender.

Tender offer must remain valid for the period of 90 daysfrom the date of closing unless withdrawn
in writing before the close of tenders.

The contract is concluded with the winning tenderer. Should the winning tenderer fail to provide to PIN the necessary cooperation to conclude the contract within the period of 30 days upon the tender results notice, PIN can further negotiate with the second-best tenderer that shall be considered the winning tenderer. Should they fail to conclude the contract with the second best tenderer within 15 days following the notice, PIN is allowed to cancel the tender. Notice of results shall be deemed the third day following the day of dispatch of the tender results notice.

Tender offers have to be submitted to PIN at the following email address: procurement.bih@peopleinneed.net before closing date and time: Monday, 10th of October 2022 at 12:00. Bids received after the closing date & time will not be considered.

Email subject line should contain the following text: Waste Management Media Campaign – Offer “Company Name” – DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 10th of October 2022 at 12:00

Evaluation will be held on 10th of October 2022 at PIN Office in Sarajevo.

Tender Notice

Annex 1

Annex 2

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